The Bureau of Missing Socks is the first organization devoted to literary works about socks. We are actively seeking tales of adventure, intrigue, and espionage with that principal theme If you have the great American sock story in you, please submit your works to us. (All payments will be made in kind.) This may be your first and last chance to be published. We are also looking for any classical and time honored tales about missing socks that our editorial staff may have overlooked. They must be over 500 words 

If enough quality manuscripts are received, the Board of Directors hope to expand the facilities at our arts colony to accommodate writers. The camp currently houses knitters, washers, designers, and darners for period up to two months during which they can follow their vocations devoid of the cares of daily living in pastoral surroundings that allow them to express themselves to their fullest."


Charlie Chan and the Purloined Sock

Critics agree that this is the best missing sock mystery ever written!


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