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The Bureau of Missing Socks is the first organization solely devoted to solving the question of what happens to missing single socks. It explores all aspects of the phenomena including the occult, conspiracy theories, and extraterrestrial.

We offer support for the matching sock deprived, and catalog, research, index and document all extant material related to socks since the dawn of the shoe. Our audio visual department is the largest multi media center in Hollywood and several sock themed feature films, television shows, and interactive CDs are in development.
Our has been extremely helpful! Many thanks!

NEWS as you never read it before! News!  What's happening in the world of socksThe Bureau lauded in Today's Christian Woman magazine by author Janice Tingum.

Tech takes on the sock!

The Most Secure Sock Vault on the internet.  Keep an inventory of all your socks, evaluate your investment in footwear, and track each pair from day one.  Its all free. The Single Sock Adjudicator automatically salvages orphans.


Socks and their contribution to the war effort. The Bureau of Missing Socks!  A concise history of the organization since its formation during the War Between the States.
Help him get his own HBO special! Conrad, the Sock Comedian, makes his Web debut.  Help this rare talent get his own TV show and a Vegas venue.  Jay Leno.  You're in trouble.
Sock it out on the internet.! Sock talk is back by popular demand.  You can can sock it out on the internet ,buy and trade socks, exchange jokes, and gripe about your favorite sock theories. Read five years of user input. Washing, caring, and storing.
Our very special socks! Sock Yocks More comedy, cartoon fun from the Bureau.  For kids, too.
This is what you told us. Let your socks determine your IQ.  Looking for a second career.
Thinking about joining MENSA. Some viewers explanations why single socks disappear.  Requires Flash.
The literary center. Doctor Coconuts new hit single "I lost my sock"Click on the drawer at left to listen to the soon to go platinum CD hit.
The literary center. Thrill yourself with tales of hot passion, intrigue, and violence involving the mysterious disappearance of single socks. You may want to add your own.
Find a missing sock! Sherlock Hound, the sock detective, is now on the case.  Now with a grant from the Bureau of Missing Socks he will handle all cases free of charge for children under ten. Click on the drawer at left and put him to work.  He's works undercover, more secretive  than the tooth fairy. If you are a kid you'll love this one.
Entire collection for sale. Rare and Strange Socks. View, buy, trade and discover the sock's role in world events. An educational must!
Paid for in socks. The Bureau of Missing Socks has joined forces with seven major universities to scientifically resolve the problem that has plagued mankind since the event of shoes. The results of our first survey is now available.
Aventures in entertainment. See what's happening at The Bureau of Missing Socks Our current projects include several motion pictures.
Planning a new career? See if you can become a member of our (SOS) Special Operations Socks team?

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